"I have been taking yoga classes from several different instructors at Gudmestad Yoga Studio since 2004. All the instructors are fabulous.  They all play close attention to the needs of each student to ensure an appropriate class level and safe practice for each student. The studio is extremely well run and Julie's wonderful inspiration and leadership is evident in every aspect of the studio. I can't recommend it highly enough." 

"After going through a liver transplant, I was looking for a safe way to rebuild a body that had been shattered first by disease and then by major surgery. I was attracted to Gudmestad Yoga because the yoga instructors there were also licensed physical therapists. They understood the limitations of what I was able to do at first and brought me back into form very carefully. The word my doctor used to describe my recovery was "incredible."

"I have been studying at Gudmestad Yoga Studio for 14 years, and I can't imagine life without my yoga classes. Not only do the teachers have a deep understanding of yoga, they also guide their students in a practice carefully designed to ensure that they work in ways that keep them safe from injury. I always feel challenged but never pushed. One of the best parts of my practice is that it carries over into my daily life in so many ways. Whether I'm sitting at the computer, standing in the kitchen, or kneeling to garden, I hear my teacher's voice reminding me to take good care of myself."