Spring 2018 Special Focus Classes

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Healthy Breathing

Day Time Level Instructor Cost
Sat, April 14 1 pm - 4 pm All Levels Betsy $45

Learn how powerful the breath is to change our energy level, mood and many aspects of our health. We will begin with some simple anatomy. Considerable time will be spent building awareness and practicing normal ribcage diaphragmatic breathing. We will practice lying down with simple props, progressing to upright functional activities and yoga poses.

Yoga for Hands & Feet

Day Time Level Instructor Cost
Fri, April 27 12 pm - 2 pm Levels 2 & up Stuart $30

Learn how to keep the smaller joints in your hands and feet flexible and strong. Use your yoga practice to maintain functional abilities in daily life.

Balance & Bone Density

Day Time Level Instructor Cost
Fri, May 4 12 pm - 2 pm Levels 2 & up Stuart $30

We will focus on keeping your balance abilities optimal while influencing bone density in a positive way. Decreasing the risk of falling and keeping the long bones healthy is a combination that yoga lends itself to in a playful and functional way.


Day Time Level Instructor Cost
Sat, May 5 12 pm - 2 pm Levels 2 & up Hope $30

Join us for a slowed down, contemplative yet challenging practice. Learn how going very S – L – O – W – L – Y into and out of poses can increase strength, improve balance and change your perspective.

Yoga for Gardeners

Day Time Level Instructor Cost
Sat, May 12 12 pm - 2 pm All Levels Betsy $30

Before you get out there and go wild (you know you will!), learn how you can prevent injury and continue to garden comfortably through the entire season. We’ll include the principles of body mechanics and pacing as well as a little routine to do afterwards. Bring your own shovel (just kidding) and NO - it won’t be held in Betsy’s yard!

Home Practice for Beginners

Day Time Level Instructor Cost
Sat, May 19 12 pm - 3 pm Levels 1 - 2 Beth $45

Do you enjoy that “after class awareness?” Feeling so much better than when you arrived? Consider building a home practice to create that sensation more often. Come to this 3-hour workshop to experience a beginner-appropriate practice for strength and flexibility. You will receive a handout including poses and sequencing so you can continue to practice on your own with confidence. Levels 1-2.