Schedule a one-on-one private session with one of our yoga teachers if you need help to:

    • Set up a personalized home yoga practice if you're not quite ready for, or don't have time to join a class.

    • Decide what class level to join, based on your previous yoga experience and current physical condition.

One-on-one instruction can deepen your practice, facilitating breakthroughs in ways that aren't usually possible in a classroom setting:

    • Receive personalized instruction with undivided attention and observation.

    • Learn to adapt poses for your specific needs.

    • Gain insight into your unique structural 'blind-spots' through feedback and hands-on adjustments.

    • Establish a sequence of poses to focus on your yoga goals and help you overcome your limitations and perennial challenges.


Private yoga sessions are not designed to help you with pain problems, disease or acute injuries. Please inquire instead about a Physical Therapy appointment.

To arrange a private yoga lesson with Betsy Allen, Laila Deardorff, Stuart Stark, Beth Paxson or Hope Fyfield please call (503) 223-8157.

    60 minutes: $100

    45 minutes: $75

    30 minutes: $50

    15 minutes: $25

Private yoga lessons may be shared by a maximum of 2 students.