Lori Raydo

Lori is a dedicated yoga teacher who is responsive and flexible to the diverse learning styles of each student. Coming from a performing and visual arts background, threads of yoga have woven in and out of her life like a support system, enhancing her daily personal and professional life with simple yoga breathing techniques, self-discovery and healing.

Throughout her twenties and thirties, she channeled her passion for the arts into a Masters of Education, with a teaching license in both the Visual Arts and Special Education. While working in the public school system, Lori was inspired to teach yoga. She saw the great need for mindfulness and yoga based activities for youths, adults, and seniors. Receiving continuing graduate education from the amazing work of Lynea and Jim Gillen, she is a certified Yoga Calm youth instructor. Lori also is a certified RYT-200 for adults, and has a training certificate in teaching yoga to seniors with cardiopulmonary diseases, osteoporosis, and chronic pain.

It was during her training with the Gillens that Lori met Julie Gudmestad, who was her anatomy teacher. Lori realized that Julie was the same person who wrote the articles in “Yoga Journal,” which she had cut out and put in a folder to study.  Admiring and respecting Julie’s teaching methods and extensive knowledge of yoga and physical therapy, she began studying with her regularly.

Coming full circle in her education, personal yoga practice, and career as an artist, Lori hopes to blend both art and physical movement to enhance student learning and the needs of the larger community. These days, you will find her creating art with children, and tracking animals while helping survey for rare carnivores on Mt Hood.