Lance Coffel

A lifelong athlete, Lance started his athletic career at the age of three when he first learned how to swim. By the time he was five, Lance had already begun his competitive athletic career.

Throughout the years, Lance competed at an elite level in many sports including swimming, water polo, boxing, alpine skiing, body building and cycling. Due to severe low back pain, Lance was introduced to Julie by Michael Sylvester. Lance started working with Julie in private PT sessions, after which he began classes at Gudmestad Yoga Studio. During that time, Lance developed a passion for both practicing and teaching yoga.

Yoga allows Lance to continue to cycle at a competitive level, while bringing body and mind awareness to his everyday activities. He feels that yoga brings strength, length and balance to the body and mind.

With over 35 years of experience in teaching both individuals and groups, Lance enjoys teaching anyone with an open mind to listen and a desire to learn, so that they too can bring balance into their lives.