Glenn Montgomery

In 2003, Glenn met a prescient woman who was leading a “deep ecology” retreat of the NW Earth Institute. She whispered into his ear as they parted from one another, “You will be a teacher.” She said nothing about yoga!

Glenn has enjoyed a lifelong appreciation of the relationships between body, mind, spirit, and the interconnected web that connects us all. As a young athlete, his exposure to gymnastics, tae kwon do, and tai chi taught him a great deal about body awareness and the physical and mental discipline required as one pushes up against one’s limits. Later in life, his exploration of mindfulness and meditation added another layer of understanding to his experience.

It wasn’t until about 2012, after dabbling at a number of yoga studios, when Glenn first discovered Gudmestad. Well into “midlife,” he finally found a place where he could work constructively with his physical limitations brought on by age, injury, and exertion. In 2016, Glenn was inspired to deepen his practice, and he completed a 6-month teacher training with Lundberg Yoga. He received his RYT-200 certification in January 2017.

A native of the Chicago suburbs, Glenn has called Portland his home since moving here for college in 1983. The youngest of fourteen kids, he is the fastest eater among them, for good reason. And as the father of two young, intelligent, compassionate women, he has hope for the future.