Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers & Yoga Teachers in Training

Yoga Alliance Continuing Ed credit available

Please call (503)223-8157 or send in a registration form with your payment to register, or you can register and pay online by following the payment link here. Please be sure to email us to let us know which class you want to enroll in and to make sure there is space for you.

WE ARE EXCITED to be offering 4 Continuing Education classes for Yoga Teachers and Yoga Teachers in Training. Gudmestad Yoga has been sharing yoga with the Portland community for over 30 years. Julie Gudmestad, Physical Therapist, Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor, E-RYT 500 and founder of Gudmestad Yoga has dedicated her career to combining the practice of yoga with the knowledge and benefits of physical therapy. Julie, Laila, Rachel and Hope will be teaching the workshops this spring. We look forward to seeing you at the studio.

We are offering the following courses:

Body Mechanics for Teachers with Julie Gudmestad, PT, E-RYT 500

Day Time Instructor Cost
Sunday, March 17 3pm - 6pm Julie $65 ea (all 4 bundled/$240)

Protect yourself and your students from common injuries and strains. We’ll discuss gravity’s effects on the body and how certain positions put leverage and strenuous loads on the spine and other joints. Then we’ll work on poses and teaching techniques so teachers can use proper body mechanics as they demonstrate and adjust students.

3 CE Credits with the Yoga Alliance

Teaching Vinyasa to Beginners with Laila Deardorff, MSPT

Day Time Instructor Cost
Sunday, April 28 3pm - 6pm Laila $65 ea (all 4 bundled/$240)

Vinyasa has become a very popular style of yoga in the last decade that requires significant flexibility and strength, which many beginner students do not have. When beginner students start with this type of a practice they may suffer injuries and miss out on learning proper alignment to help prevent such injuries in the future.

As a teacher, if you like practicing/teaching a more flow-like practice and want to explore more ways to share this with your beginning students, then this workshop is for you. Laila will show you ways you can work with the flow of the movement and the breath in ways that are accessible to beginners. In this workshop, we will work with some basic flows and learn ways to modify Sun Salutations with the use of props and pose modifications.

3 CE Credits with the Yoga Alliance

Teaching from the Heart with Rachel Lundberg, E-RYT 500

Day Time Instructor Cost
Sunday, May 19 3pm - 6pm Rachel $65 ea (all 4 bundled/$240)

How do we develop our own voice and style as a teacher in a way that feels authentic to us? When we teach from our heart (our authenticity), it is a true act of service to our students. Learn about the science of heart/brain coherence, meditation techniques and breath work in this heart centered workshop. Our personal development and authenticity is the best platform to share our teachings and allow true shifts for our students.

This workshop will include group work as well as peer teaching opportunities. A true invitation for expansion, growth, and community as teachers who desire to show up authentically for those we serve.

3 CE Credits with the Yoga Alliance

Restorative for Beginners with Hope Fyfield, PT

Day Time Instructor Cost
Sunday, June 23 3pm - 6pm Hope $65 ea (all 4 bundled/$240)

The value of a restorative practice is well known, but the poses can be difficult for the beginner dealing with joint and muscle tightness. This difficulty is magnified by various injuries or chronic conditions. Come learn how to make deep restful restorative poses accessible to the beginner. Class will include lecture, practice and discussion of various challenges to the teacher, from tight bodies to restless minds to not enough props.

3 CE Credits with the Yoga Alliance