Anne Simmons, P.T.

From the time Anne took her first class in 1975, yoga has remained a consistent thread throughout her life. A 1978 graduate of Pacific University's Physical Therapy program, Anne became aware of fellow student, Julie Gudmestad's, intention to integrate yoga into her physical therapy practice.

In the early 1990s, Anne was an avid marathoner and began her yoga study at Gudmestad Yoga Studio. Although she's given up running, she currently enjoys hiking, backpacking, snow shoeing and skiing.

Anne, the married mom of three, is a pediatric physical therapist who enjoys incorporating the playfulness of yoga, when appropriate, in treating her young patients.

Anne loves the mind-body-spirit melding of yoga that influences her ability to be in the present with whatever life might offer. Yoga asanas provide opportunities for strength, flexibility, balance and focus and can be metaphors for daily life